Hey everyone! I haven’t been blogging so much lately, the reason is that I’ve just been too busy doing lots of sewing! So thank goodness that Sewing By Ti is hosting another blog tour. This month is “Monster Mash” – which could be the obvious Halloween / Costume theme….or it could be a mash of different patterns together, I’ve done a little bit of both to make a Princess Unikitty vest for Veronica. Just in case you haven’t seen the Lego Movie, let me give you a (very) quick explanation of the character that Veronica wants to be: Princess Unikitty is a lego cat/unicorn/princess. A google search of “unikitty” will bring up heaps of images, but basically, she’s pink, with another shade of pink.

The Pattern

I used the Pathfinder Vest by Twig & Tale, with the Wild Things Add On. I’ve been admiring the creations of others for months, but I hadn’t bought this pattern yet, when Veronica asked for a Princess Unikitty costume, I knew that this would be perfect.

The Pathfinder Vest is a vest pattern on its own, with heaps of options. But with the Add On it can become any number of creatures, there are Wild Things Add Ons for several of the other Twig & Tale patterns too. The pattern webpage has a graphic showing the options included. Unikitty is not a specific combination, so I had to mash together a couple of options to get the right parts.

To make the Unikitty I used the following pattern options:
* hood
* button fastening at front
* plain pockets
* flutter sleeves
* Cat ears
* Cat tail
* Unicorn horn

The Fabric

I used inexpensive, pre-cut polar fleece for the main part of the vest. I used a bright pink as the main colour, with the outer bodice, sleeves and hood. I used white polar fleece for the lining, and hood band. The colours are quite vivid, and the fabric is maybe a little bit … “plasticky” but Princess Unikitty is a lego, so she’s made of plastic. This fabric worked well and gave us the look we wanted.

Unikitty has one green foot and one yellow foot so I used ribbing in light green and yellow for the pocket trims and sleeve linings.

I really love these flutter sleeves.

I used blue felt for the horn and tail. Mainly because we couldn’t find any other fabric that was the right colour. This was the kind of felt that that you buy in pre-cut squares, I wasn’t sure how it would go in the wash, so I actually attached the tail with a button! The tail has a button hole, and I sewed a green heart shaped button onto the back of the vest to fasten it to.

On the horn I used metallic embroidery thread for the decorative stitching. I used a short length of metallic lace trim around the base of the horn – this is not true to the character, but it was just to make it a little bit more “princessy”. It worked quite well.

The Finishing Touch

I used some brightly coloured novelty buttons for the front fastening. These are sort of stars or “ka-pow” type shapes, I’m not real sure, but I think they work in really well with the plastic lego princess thing that we have here.

The Final Verdict

Veronica and I bought this fabric in the morning, and the vest was finished by mid-afternoon. This was such a quick and easy sew – the instructions are very thorough, but easy to follow. I will definitely be making more of these.

I didn’t quite get the horn to sit right, I’m not sure if maybe I over-stuffed it? If anyone has a tip I’d be grateful to know!

Veronica loves this vest and wears it a lot. The felt does actually survive okay. So this is a really fun addition to her regular wardrobe.

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