I’ve got a bit behind in my blogging lately…but that’s only because I have been doing so much sewing! Life, in general has been pretty busy – we’ve had school holidays, illness, birthday parties – and when I have had spare time I have been in my sewing room instead of in front of the computer. But the family is now settling back into a weekly school/work routine, at least for a few more weeks until the school term is over for another year. So I’ve managed to sort myself out a little and get caught up with a few different things.

The first of which is this dress that I made for Veronica for her first day of Prep Orientation. A first day always deserves a new dress does it not?

The Pattern

I used the Alexandra dress pattern by Violette Field Threads. I made a size 5 for Veronica who will be 5 in just a few short weeks. It is a perfect fit. I chose this particular dress pattern for a number of reasons:

1. The Drop Waist. Veronica is quite long through the body, so this style works really well for her. She also has an aversion to anything that is too ‘much’ and she doesn’t like dresses that are too ‘big’ – which for me translates as too ‘fluffy’. So the drop waist means therefore that there is less skirt, and this works well for Veronica.

2. The Tie Collar. Its just an adorable pattern although I struggled with the collar. When I stitched the neckline I caught the ties by only about 2 threads! I definitely recommend keeping the ties well out of the way – and double-checking it. More than once. As a result I had to unpick a small section, which I then re-stitched by hand. Fortunately, this is behind where the knot sits, so its not visible.

3. The Front Tucks. I was especially frustrated with my collar issues because I was so happy with the front of this dress. I love the lace-trimmed tucks and this was the last of this vintage lace that I have. So even though I had plenty of extra fabric, I would not be able to repeat this front bodice.

The Fabric

The promotional photos for the Alexandra pattern feature a gorgeous dress in a plaid, which I shamelessly copied because I really love it that much! I used a cotton flannel that I scored from the bargain table at Spotlight. It is really soft and comfortable, although I’m not sure how well it is going to wash and wear – there might a pilling problem with this fabric. I’m pretty pleased with my pattern matching at the back here:

The back of the dress is fastened with buttons. These are fairly large plain black buttons, I think they really suit the overall style of this dress really well.

The Little Things…

I really like to put a little extra into making the insides nice sometimes, especially on the girls’ dresses like this one. I used a plain pink poplin for the lining, and I enclosed the sleeve seams within, creating this nice clean finish:

I also changed the sleeves slightly, instead of gathering the sleeve cap, I pleated it! I seem to have a bit of a thing for pleated sleeves lately:

And yes, it was a bit cold on the day that we took these photos. I also got a picture of this sad face:

I had chosen the cap sleeve because it is approaching summer here, and I would like for Veronica to get as much wear as possible out of the dress before she outgrows it. So, with the addition of a pretty cardi, we were able to continue on with our little photo shoot:

A happy girl who loves her new dress and is very excited to be going to school next year.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “First day of Prep Orientation – Alexandra Dress by VFT”

  1. What a beautiful dress! I’m really impressed with how well you lined up the pattern on the back of the dress, and the white lace on the front is gorgeous. The inside is so well finished that it looks like it will last for a long time.

    1. Thank you 😊 I did spend a bit of time making sure that my pattern matched – and it was so very worth it!

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