KCW – Day 7

All this past week I have been participating in Kids Clothes Week – the challenge is to sew for your kids, for at least one hour per day, every day, for a whole week! And, I made it! Today, I made a t-shirt for Mathilda. We are heading towards winter, and she’s grown so much … [Read more…]

Chasing Bubbles – My Signature Style

This is the final week for Project Run & Play Season 11, the theme is “Signature Style”. And I think this little cherub pretty much sums it up for me: This is Veronica, my youngest, she’s 3. Sometimes the youngest don’t get as many new things as their older siblings – she has so many … [Read more…]

Kids Clothes Week – Day 1

Today is the first day of February 2016 Kids Clothes Week Challenge. This time I started off with something quick and fun – a twirly skirt for Veronica. Last week I made a twirly skirt for Mathilda, and this one is made to match! The Pattern I used the Stripwork Skirt pattern by Pink Fig … [Read more…]

A Twirly Princess

Its been a little while since I made anything for Mathilda, and I recently got some new fabric, so I thought it was about time to do a super-twirly, ruffled skirt. Mathilda loves long twirly skirts. The Pattern I used a pattern called the Emma skirt, a Pink Fig PDF Pattern by Chelsea Andersen. I … [Read more…]

Knight Hoodie

When Project Run and Play announced the themes for Season 11, I found this week’s theme – Cosplay – a bit of a challenge, so I had to think about it a bit before I knew for certain that I was going to participate in the sew-along. I could easily have made another My Little … [Read more…]

Funky Stripes

Funky Stripes – that’s the name of this skirt/leggings pattern! My daughters are both quite physcially active, but also quite girly at the same time. They both like to run and climb, but they want to do it whilst still wearing a skirt. My favourite solution to that is to have a skirt with leggings … [Read more…]