New Summer T-Shirts for Jonathan

Yesterday I posted about some new summer shorts that I made for Jonathan. Well, I also made some coordinating t-shirts, as well as something a little different at his request. All of the t-shirts that I made for Jonathan are from Ottobre Design magazines. In case you are not familiar with this magazine: – Ottobre … [Read more…]

Changing up the Tee Blog Tour (sale code and a giveaway)

This month’s Sewing Blue blog tour is called Changing Up the Tee. Hosted by Made For Little Gents and featuring a great pattern by this month’s sponsor, GYCT Designs, the challenge was to take a basic t-shirt pattern and to ‘change it up’ into something different. The Pattern This pattern is the Primary Tee and … [Read more…]

Boys in Summer Blog Tour

I have subscribed to Ottobre Design magazine for many years, if you’re not familiar with Ottobre, it is a pattern magazine. Every year there are 4 issues featuring patterns for kids, and 2 issues with patterns for women. They have also recently introduced a family issue which features some designs for men as well! The … [Read more…]

Mummy and Me Christmas Blog Tour

Today’s post is all about Christmas outfits. Every year I seem to be doing a last minute scramble to get Christmas themed outfits done for the kids to wear to the various end-of-year functions that they always have. Every year I’m doing it at the last minute, night before, having a highly stressful experience of … [Read more…]

Kids Clothes Week Feb 2016 – Days 2 & 3 – Toy Soliders

This week I am participating in Kids Clothes Week. On Day One, I made a skirt for Veronica – a quick and easy sew that was very gratifying. But for the past 2 nights I have put my efforts into something a little bit more complex – a button-front shirt for Jonathan. The Fabric The … [Read more…]