This Christmas I made outfits for all three of my children, I’ve already posted about the skirt and t-shirt that I made for Mathilda and the two skirts that I made for Veronica, so, to complete the series, here are the Christmas clothes that I made for Jonathan.

I made a couple of different pieces to mix and match, and he ended up liking them all a lot, but it took a while to get there because I had a few disasters along the way.

The Disasters

I’m going to start with the disasters. I bought a number of t-shirts to do some simple machine embroidery on, (the t-shirt that I did in my earlier post for Mathilda was also one of these). I have a small collection of Christmas-themed embroidery and appliqué files, including this one of a reindeer with a bow-tie.

I did think that it would be really cute – afterall, its a reindeer with a bow-tie!

I used small bits of various Christmas-sy fabrics that I have to make up the different parts, some neutral colour for the face, red for the nose and antlers, and a spot of blue colour (tiny offcut from Mathilda’s skirt) for the bow-tie, but…

… you can see that its not quite right, unfortunately the second rounds of stitching over the appliquéd pieces did not match up with the original placement. It was quite disappointing. I considered trying to cover up the errors with an assortment of little bells, but in the end I decided to just go with it as it is, Jonathan still liked it a lot and he didn’t even notice or care that its not perfect, he’s 5, a magical age.

So, I ended up with a reindeer that I think looks kind of angry, where the red fabric of his antlers isn’t covered by the stitching across the top of his head, leaving a row of red fabric peeking through like a large eyebrow, and he probably is angry considering the messy state of his antlers, nose and bow-tie!

The t-shirts were cheapies, and its a good thing they were because there were two more that I tried to embroider with a different design, but they got chewed by the machine, one of them is even beyond repair, the other I think I can salvage by covering it with something else – probably hand sewn in place.

The Pants

Now, onto some successes. I made a couple of different pairs of shorts to coordinate with the Christmas-themed t-shirt(s). The first, was this pair:

Jonathan loves the stars and he really likes these pants because the fabric is quite soft.

The Pattern

I used an Ottobre design pattern. This one is design number 23 from issue 3/2015. These are 3/4 length bermudas with pockets and snap-fastener features.

The pants have a total of 6 pockets, which is a definite plus for Jonathan. The front hip pockets have a fold over feature that is held in place with a snap fastener. I used some grey coloured star-shaped plastic snap fasteners throughout.

The other pockets are on the back and on knees at the front. These are all pleated patch pockets with tabs that fasten with a pair of snap fasteners, one in each corner.

The pattern has a zipper fly, but I changed it to a mock fly with a straight elastic waistband, zipper flys are just a little bit too hard for Jonathan yet, elastic is so much easier for him to put on by himself.

Jonathan had specifically requested purple stitching for these pants. So, I used some purple thread for all the stitching. It does go quite well with the red.

The Shorts

As I mentioned earlier, I did try to make another t-shirt, but it didn’t work out. I did, however, manage to complete the other half of that outfit, a pair of shorts.

I used pattern number 18 from the same Ottobre magazineas the pattern that I used for the red bermudas. This is a simple pattern for straight-legged shorts with hip pockets, elastic waist and mock fly. I have made this pattern before, and it was a success then too.

This fabric has tiny red stars all over, its a coordinate from the same range as the previous red pants, and I think that they are Christmas-sy enough, but also can be worn throughout the rest of the year too.

The hip pockets are top-stitched with matching thread. These shorts are really easy to put together, I don’t think it took me much more than an hour from start to finish.

Again, with the mock fly, the detail does disappear a bit in the pattern of the fabric, but its there.

Just plain at the back.

And a small piece of ribbon sewn inside the waistband seam to indicate which way Jonathan is supposed to put these on.


And here are a couple of photos of a finished outfit being put to good use.

Thanks for reading.

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