Yellow Butterfly Ballerina – Part Two

In my previous post I shared a ballerina dress that I recently made for Veronica. A yellow ballerina dress, to be precise.

Well, that wasn’t quite the whole story – you see, something is missing from the back…

Buttefly wings!

Because this is actually a yellow, butterfly-ballerina dress.

I was greatly inspired by Toya’s PRaP winning Tinkerbell last year, and so I roughly followed the same tutorial to make these wings for Veronica.

I used a pair of fairy wings that Veronica already has to draw the shape onto some tear-away stabiliser (instead of paper) and I made them as a single piece.

I used some stiff yellow tulle as the main fabric for the wings, and a whole heap of small pieces of lace that I have been hoarding, because they were just too pretty to throw away – even though I wasn’t sure that they would ever be long enough to use for anything.

This is a great project to use up small scraps of lace and other trims. I had great fun designing their placement.

I used some craft wire that I found at a $2 shop, its like the kind of wire that cake-decorators use to make flower sprays, it was easy to stitch onto the wings using a satin-stitch zig zag, but next time I would use something a bit stiffer, it doesn’t really hold up very well.

The stitching techniques described in the tutorial are somewhat time-consuming, but the end result is truly worth it, the texture and colours worked really well. My older daughter, Mathilda, was really impressed and said that they looked like real wings!

After I had finished all the stitching, I painted the wings all over with glitter paint, mostly clear with gold glitter, but some of it white and some in a dark pink colour as well.

This really did add some depth to the textures that are already there.

I made a simple harness with just plain elastic, a single loop, stitched on the centre of the wings with coordinating thread.

Simple but effective, and pretty much invisible from the back too.

Both of my other children have now requested their own set of wings – although they have both asked for … bats! So, I’ll have to think about that one and see what I can come up with. I’m sure I can tweak the tutorial to make something a bit different.

Yellow Butterfly Ballerina

So, here she is, my yellow butterfly ballerina Veronica.

You can see that wings won’t sit straight – I needed to use a stiffer wire.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed making them! Thick wire would help but it also might be useful to make a gap between the elastic armbands as that might stop them twisting?

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