Funky Stripes

Funky Stripes – that’s the name of this skirt/leggings pattern!

My daughters are both quite physcially active, but also quite girly at the same time. They both like to run and climb, but they want to do it whilst still wearing a skirt. My favourite solution to that is to have a skirt with leggings attached. It makes it so much easier for them to dress themselves, and its also easier for the laundry too!

The Pattern

Last year, I tried a different skirt-with-attached-leggings pattern, and I made an outfit for Mathilda, but I had some issues with the fit. So this pair, for Veronica, was made using a different pattern. I used an Ottobre pattern from the Summer 3/2011 issue, its called Funky Stripes.

It was quite simple to make, with only 3 pattern pieces – the leggings (one pattern piece, cut with mirror-image to make a left and right leg), a-line skirt (same piece for front and back) and waistband (single piece cut on the fold).

The fit is generally quite good, I made this up in a size 104, to match Veronica’s height, currently at 98cm. The length of the skirt, and its twirliness are spot on. The leggings are not really fitted though, you can see, in the picture’s further below, that they are loose around Veronica’s lower legs, but I think that this gives them some longevity and they will last at least until next summer, as they have a little rooom for growing.

The Fabric

The solid purple is from Spotlight, just a part of their basic range that I bought quite a few years ago when they were having a sale. It turned out to be a perfect match for this stripe from Knitwit, which I also bought a few years ago, but I did see recently that it was on sale in their online store. Its a really lovely fabric, very nice to sew with – and that’s considering that knits are not my favourite.

I added a striped ruffle to the lower edge of the skirt. It just looked a little bit too plain, and needed something to lift it. I gathered stripes of the stripe, cut across the grain, and attached it the hem with a zig zag stitch. The ruffle ended up adding a bit of weight to the skirt, which I’m not sure is such a good thing, but I used a sturdy elastic for the waist, so it won’t fall down.

I left the edges of the ruffle raw, its a knit and won’t fray, simple but effective, although the multiple rows of zig zags I used to hem the skirt, and then attach the ruffle over the top did end up a bit messy looking on the inside, I didn’t have thread to match the purple, and the two rows of stitching were in different places. I didn’t match my stripes up very well either.

I hemmed the leggings using a zig zag. My Brother My Star 3 doesn’t work with a twin needle. Its an older, more basic model – although it is advanced enough to advertise itself as being “electronic” by having the word printed on its case! It does, however, sew knits quite adequately without causing any grief, whereas my fancy-pants Singer Futura tends to eat knits and spit out the threads.

I would like to try this pattern using a woven for the skirt too – but instead of a-line I would gather a straight skirt. I also think it is something that Mathilda would wear a lot of.


Usually this little chicken is quite happy to model for me, but today all I got was strange faces:

The grass was still damp from the nightly rain when we went out this morning, so her shoes got wet, she wasn’t happy about that.

She’s carrying a lunch bag, because it was the first day that school went back after the summer holidays, and she really wanted to go with her older brother and sister – but she’s only 3 and doesn’t go to school yet.

More funny faces…

So we dropped the older kids at school, and then the running began…

Thanks for reading.


  1. The skirt/leggings combo is so cute! I love that you sewed them together, it will keep them from losing each other in the wash. 🙂

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