A Twirly Princess

Its been a little while since I made anything for Mathilda, and I recently got some new fabric, so I thought it was about time to do a super-twirly, ruffled skirt.

Mathilda loves long twirly skirts.

The Pattern

I used a pattern called the Emma skirt, a Pink Fig PDF Pattern by Chelsea Andersen. I really like Pink Fig patterns, they are easy to construct, and lots of fun.

This pattern has a yoke with elastic waist, off which hangs three gathered tiers, makiing it very twirly. There are ruffles at the hem and between each of the tiers.

The finished skirt doesn’t have a designated back or front, I assembled it randomly, the various seams are almost invisible because of the different prints. This makes it much easier for Mathilda to get dressed herself.

I made up a size 7, and I cut the elastic for the waist according to her waist measurement.

There was an insane amount of gathering, basting, overlocking and topstitching on this skirt. Although not complicated, it did take a few hours of my time.

I’d also like to note, that when I’d stitched the final stitch, closing the elastic casing at the waist, the cotton reel on the machine was empty and the thread was just about to disappear into the machine – and that was the last of my white thread! So it seems that I finished just at the right time.

The Fabric

This fabric is called Fine and Dandy, its by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs. I had yardage of the main fabrics, but I also had a Rolie Polie.

I only made one alteration to the pattern, which was to use the strips of the rolie polie for the ruffles. The pattern has double width pieces folded over making each ruffle double thickness – and no need for hemming, but I kept the single thickness of the Rolie Polie strips and I did a rolled hem on the overlocker. The skirt already has quite a lot of fabric and therefore quite a lot of weight, I think that having the single layer for the ruffles reduced some of that weight.

And, even though it is so twirly, it hangs rather nicely too.

The T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a ready-made that I actually bought before Christmas, and it was the first failed attempt at machine embroidery for this Christmas outfit.

That was the first time that I had attempted to machine embroider directly onto a completed garment – in a knit fabric too!

The t-shirt got chewed up by the machine, and even had a little hole eaten into it! However, I kept it, because it was only a little hole, not much of the embroidery had yet been done, and I thought that I could probably cover it up with something else.

So, I did.

I used a pre-made heart shaped shabby-rose appliqué. The roses have little pearl beads at their centres, which adds just a subtle amount of sparkle, which is quite nice. The heart was not quite big enough on its own to cover the previous embroidery, so I added a border of broderie anglaise trim edging. There was still a small spot of dark blue embroidery that could be seen at the top-centre of the heart (even through all the layers), so I attached a small ribbon bow which is also decorated with little pearl beads – it matched in with the heart ever so nicely!

All together, it makes a nice outfit for a little princess.

Thanks for reading!


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