Chasing Bubbles – My Signature Style

This is the final week for Project Run & Play Season 11, the theme is “Signature Style”.

And I think this little cherub pretty much sums it up for me:

This is Veronica, my youngest, she’s 3.

Sometimes the youngest don’t get as many new things as their older siblings – she has so many clothes that have been passed down that are still in excellent condition. But sometimes she needs to have special things that are her own.

This week is also Kids Clothes Week, and the first item I made was this skirt for Veronica:

You can read all about the making of the skirt in my post from Day One of KCW, earlier this week, and since I already wrote about how I made it, I’m not going to repeat myself here.

But, I was finally able to get some time for her to wear the skirt and let me take some pictures. And this will show my signature style, the way its supposed to be, by being worn!

It makes me happy when the things I make are well-liked by the kids, most of the time they are (although with Veronica, there have been some spectacular failures on that front – like the smocked princess dress I made her last year).

It required bubbles, naturally.

I am a big fan of elastic waist twirly skirts for my daughters.

This style allows them to be active…

… but still girly.

And this girl is very active.

Those bubbles didn’t stand a chance!

She got every last one.

A special note on the necklace:

I didn’t make this necklace, but I love it.

Look closer…its made of buttons!

Veronica made this at her 3+ Activity Group today – the perfect accessory.

Thanks for reading!


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