Hey everyone – guess what? I did something that I haven’t done before – I sewed something for my husband!

I mean, I’ve taken up hems and mended torn pockets – but I’ve never sewn anything for him from scratch before. I didn’t even own a men’s pattern…so I had to buy one.

The Pattern

I was looking to make a long-sleeved t-shirt. I did find a Kwik-Sew pattern that I liked, but they didn’t have it in stock at my local Spotlight, so I took that as a bit of an omen and did a search of the interweb and came across the Tahoe Tee by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.

I haven’t sewn a Peek-a-boo pattern before, so this is another new thing for me too!

It was a pretty easy pattern to sew – only 2 main pattern pieces. The front and back are made from the same pattern piece, with different necklines. I was a bit unsure of that at first. Most patterns seem to have a different shape for front and back, presumably because the body is a differnt shape at the front and the back, but this turned out just right, the shaping is spot-on, and it is definitely easy not having to remember which sleeve is which – because they are both the same!

The instructions were clear, and the method of construction was just the way that I like to make t-shirts, every step of the assembly process matched my preference, so I was pretty happy about that and found it very quick and easy to make.

The Fabric

The lighter blue colour that I used as the main fabric is from a bundle that I got from a local buy/swap/sell Facebook group. I like the colour, but it’s not overly stretchy and it always looks like it needs ironing (whether it has or hasn’t been), but I had several metres of it, so it was perfect to use for a wearable muslin.

The darker blue that I used for the centre stripes is just some scrap that I have left over from something else – one of those pieces that you keep just because you might need a contrast for a pocket, or … stripe! I added the stripe because I thought it might look too plain otherwise, but my husband says it looks “weird”, which is okay, because it was pretty fiddly to do (the quick-unpick was used), and it ended up looking puckered after being washed anyway.

I had to go out to buy some ribbing, because I didn’t have any that matched. The ribbing is black, and its quite a bit looser than I normally get and doesn’t bounce back into shape very well. I didn’t notice that when I was buying it, so I’ll be a bit more careful with my selection next time.

The Verdict

Because the fabric is not very stretchy, I sewed this up in the largest size, but I would potentially size down to make this in a stretchier fabric. As it is, the proportions of the body (length and width) are just right for my husband.

The sleeves are a good width, but a little too long. The cuffs keep it wearable though, but he has asked for a version without the cuff – I will have to add about 2 inches to the sleeve piece (including seam allowance) when I try that.

I used a darker thread for topstitching across the shoulder seam. I always like to topstitch here, its basically where the whole garment is going to hang from, so I always feel that it needs to have a little extra stability.

I used the stretch-straight stitch on my machine for the hem.

Further Tweaking required

Taking aside the issues with my fabric choices, the main problem with this t-shirt is that the neckline is way too big, even a tighter ribbing would not have fixed that. So, I’ll be sharing another post about how I addressed that soon.

In the meantime, my husband is happy to have this as something to wear at home though, so not a complete loss. (He declined the offer to model the t-shirt for me, so its just hangers on my clothesline I’m afraid, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on this blog any time soon)

Thanks for reading.

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