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Two weeks ago I sewed along with Kids Clothes Week. I made a skirt for Veronica, two shirts for Jonathan, and a final piece – a t-shirt for Mathilda. I chose to make the t-shirt because it was a quick and easy sew for the last day of the week. But it was also the first piece of Mathilda’s Winter wardrobe.

Mathilda is a growing girl, and I’m pretty sure that just about all her clothes from last winter have been outgrown! So she is going to need a few new things. She really likes the stripes on this t-shirt – I really like the curved shape of the hem.

But today I’m going to talk about this skirt that I made to coordinate with it.

The Pattern

I used, what I really do think is my favourite skirt pattern of all time – the “On the Border” skirt from the book “Little Girls Big Style” by Mary Abreu. I’ve used this easy pattern so many times, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon either.

I made this up in a size 6, which still fits Mathilda really well. This is such a great, twirly skirt.

The patterns in the book only go up to a size 6 (sad face), but there is a new book out with patterns for older girls, I might have to get myself a copy of that.

The Fabric

I think this is the first time that I’ve made this skirt up in knit fabric. It worked just as well as the wovens I’ve made in the past.

I used some plain black for the yoke and underskirt.

I did a rolled hem with the overlocker, just to keep it simple and easy.

When I stitched the elastic casing for the waistband, I used a zig zag stitch, instead of a straight stitch. More because it was easier to sew the fabric that way, than because of any functional purpose.

The coloured fabric is a very funky mesh. I cut this layer slightly longer than the plain, black underskirt, and I also did a rolled hem to finish the raw edge – I was originally going to leave it raw, but changed my mind at the eleventh hour. This rolled hem was done using white thread though, instead of the black.

The fabric has the exact same shades of aqua and lime green as the striped t-shirt, but also with the addition of the hot pink, and its a really great colour combination.

The pattern is an assortment of geometric patterns mixed with words and phrases – such a lot of fun.

The Fit

This is the first time that Mathilda wore the t-shirt, the sleeves are a tad too long, but otherwise its a perfect fit.

And, I did make the skirt to be worn together with the t-shirt, but the top is a little bit too long, but I’m sure she’ll grown into that.

Its hard to tell, because she won’t keep still!

So, here are some more pics of Mathilda jumping around in her new clothes:

Thanks for reading.

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