This is my last post for KCW August 2016. Its been a big week for me – I’ve done everything that I planned to, plus some extras!

This time I made some basic everyday items for both of my girls. I made them each a pair of leggings, and a jumper-dress. They are not particularly fancy, but they are good solid basics that they will be able to wear with just about everthing else for the remainder of winter, and into spring.

I used patterns from the latest Ottobre Design magazine – Autumn 4/2016.

The Leggings

I used pattern number 14: Sporty Girl for both pairs of leggings. I made a size 98 for Veronica and 122 for Mathilda.

I found the pattern a bit of a pain to trace. Usually if there are variations to the pattern where part of the piece is cut separately it is still drawn on the pattern sheet as a whole piece. But not this one. View A has contrasting panels, which divides the pattern piece into 3 pieces. And each piece is drawn separately on the pattern sheet, so it took quite a long time to trace, and then stick together.

However, in the end it was worth it. The fit on these is great on both of my girls. I did not have to make any alterations at all.

I followed the recommended process for constructing them and had not problems. The only exception was that I hemmed the legs after both side seams were complete.


I used the fabric I had leftover from my Geodesic top for Veronica’s leggings. This is a french terry in navy with a rose print. It looks like denim. She was very excited to have leggings that matched my top!

For Mathilda’s leggings I used the same blue marle jersey that I used for Jonathan’s Marc shirt. This fabric is so wonderfully soft, Mathilda already loves these leggings.

And of course, I stitched a small piece of ribbon into the back of each pair, so that the girls know which way to put them on.

Sewing Machines

I used my Brother My Star 3 to sew these. I stitched the hems and waistband using the zig zag stitch.

I finished all the internal seams with my Lumina overlocker.

The Jumper-Dress

To complete each of their outfits, I made matching jumper-dresses. They are both from the same Ottobre Design magazine. I used number 13: Roses on Grey in a size 98 for Veronica, and number 30: Falling Leaves in a size 122 for Mathilda. They are the same design, just divided into size groups.

This design is for a long-line jumper (or dress) with saddle sleeves and a kangaroo pocket in front. There are ribbed cuffs and collar.

I made both with the front pocket option.

Sewing Machines

I put my Brother away and used my Singer Future CE350 to sew these dresses because I wanted to use the twin needle to do the hems.

The Brother is a basic model, not fancy enough to use a twin needle. I wish it did though, because it is such a reliable machine, and I never have any issues with it.

The Singer, on the other hand, does a beautiful job:

But every now and then it likes to do this on the inside:

Loopy threads! Very frustrating. It should be more like this:

Anyway… I finished all my seams with the overlocker again. Not because they would fray, but because it just makes it all nice and neat.

The Fabric

I used remnants for both of these dresses. The sparkly mauve that I used for Mathilda’s dress I got recently, I paired it with a purple ribbing for the collar and cuffs.

This pattern came with a piece to cut out the neckline, but I think it could have been a little wider, because it ended up quite narrow.

For Veronica’s dress I used a purple textured fleece that I bought several years ago. I’m pretty sure its just a polyester, but its so soft – it makes you want to cuddle it!

The dresses themselves are quite plain, but I like it that way, both of the girls have multi-coloured leggings, so these will work in with their current warderobes quite easily.

Field Testing

Of course, we had to go out and see how they fared in the real world. We had a lot of fun at the playground.

It got a bit too warm for the jumpers today!

You can read about the t-shirt Mathilda is wearing here, and the t-shirt that Veronica is wearing here.

Thanks for reading!

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