It is time for the 3rd Dia de los Muertos tour at Rebel & Malice. This is a time that the Latinx community reflects and celebrates the dead. Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead – is celebrated on 1 November, which is All Saints Day in the Catholic calendar, and rather than being a period of mourning and sadness, it is instead a celebration of the lives of the deceased.

We don’t specifically celebrate the holiday here in Australia, but we do get to appreciate some of the beautiful artwork, food, drink and other activities associated with the celebration. One particular element that is easily recognised is the sugar skull, and I found this fantastic fabric at Spotlight:

Not only is it sugar skulls – but its cats! As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to have it, and I even had a specific pattern in mind when I bought it.

The Pattern

I used the Willow Kimono pattern, this pattern is a new release by Designer Stitch and is still at its introductory price! So, now would be a good time to grab it as this price will end in only a couple more days.

This is the second Willow that I have sewn, the first one I gave as a birthday gift to my mother. The Willow is the perfect pattern to show off a special fabric, as well as giving the opportunity to play with decadent trims.

I made this is the same size as my previous Willow and again used the curved hem option – because I just love that, but I think I probably should have gone down a size – this fabric is a quilting cotton so its not as drapey as the silk chiffon. A more fitted jacket would have worked better – but I don’t care, I still love it!

Once again, I used all french seams and ended up with a jacket that is just as neat on the inside as it is on the outside.

Sleeve Hack

You might notice that the kitties change direction on the sleeve – and the willow doesn’t have a sleeve. I had a small problem, in that this fabric is only about 112cm wide, not wide enough to cut the pattern pieces entirely. So, I added a sleeve piece.

I did this after I had done the shoulder seam by measuring the width I needed, guesstimating how long I wanted it to be (and I could have shortened it if required) – so basically I cut two rectangles, one for each sleeve. I attached the sleeve to the front/back right sides together, trimmed the seam allowance, and covered the raw edges with this embroidered taffeta ribbon that I have been hoarding – which turned out to be the perfect match for all the different colours in my fabric! (Pink, purple, green – all perfect).

This leaves me with no raw edges on the inside, and I was then able to continue making the Willow as per the instructions.

I used a crochet lace trim on the sleeve hems, and a cotton fringing that I found at Spotlight for the hem.

A note on this trim:

  • I love it, and it was the perfect match for this project.
  • I found it in Spotlight in a bin marked “On Trend: Boho”
  • This bin was located next to the sheeting, hidden behind a stack of shopping baskets that was taller than me!
  • I only noticed it because I meandered through the store randomly (as you do) and saw it by chance.
  • It was reasonably expensive at $19.95 for a pre-cut 2m length. This length is perfect for the curved hem of the willow – I have a measly 15cm left over.
  • It sheds. Not that much, but enough that I have noticed it.

The Fabric

This fabric is still available online and in store from Spotlight. It is a quilting cotton called “Calavera Cats”. There is a whole range of different prints in the Calavera range, including skulls, roses and dogs in a variety of colour ways. It is lovely and soft too, very nice quality.

Dia de los Muertos Tour

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. Oh that fabric is so fun, and that Willow is gorgeous!! Great job and thanks for joining the tour.

    1. Thank you Helena – I think it worked out even better this way, I probably wouldn’t have thought to add the trim otherwise!

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