1. Your skirt is really cute and the whole outfit is incredible!
    I have been eyeing the Jade skirt for a while. I really like the Jasper pattern, too!
    Happy to be one of your subscribers now 🙂 I really like your work!

  2. Barbara Kane

    I like the Paprika tutorial for invisible zips as I am hoping to do my first one soon. I am subscribing below.

  3. Roisin

    I love your version of the jade skirt, but love it in the cord & check versions too from the fb page…I think it might be a great design for camouflaging lumps & bumps!

  4. I love this skirt! I appreciate all Lisa’s tutorials. Some are generic enough to be used for other designers projects and others support you making specific Paprika patterns.

  5. debbie

    It was the Jade skirt that mad me join Paprika. I love the blue one by Heidi and need to make that exact skirt for myself. I’ve now subscribed to you too!

  6. I subscribed to your blog and visited the PP page. I love the Jade Skirt and can see it worn many ways. I also think it could be worn casually with the Zircon Sweater (a pattern I have been thinking about for some time now). Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  7. I own the Paprika Jasper and it is such a great detailed pattern. Did you know the Jade Skirt also has a blog page tutorial just for folding those pleats? What a fun pattern.

  8. Marci

    Wow, two new resources, how fun! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog and signed up for the e-mail notices. I will also have fun at Paprika Patterns. At first glance, I love the hood and neck detail of the Jasper sweater. I hopped over to ‘like’ their FB page and the video of how jeans are made was fascinating. (I think my daughter would love a Jade Skirt!)

  9. Susan

    I love, love, love the Jade skirt. Also some interesting ideas on organizing your stash in the blog.

  10. Janet

    Subscribed and I love the Jasper Sweater / Dress and this skirt, more to add to my ‘list’ lols

  11. Ella

    Jade skirt looks beautiful and something I would like to sew next. I also subscribed for your blog.

  12. Tracey

    Combed the Facebook page but I just love The Jade skirt. It is the first Paprika pattern I ever took notice of and still a standout!

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