Well, its time for another Blog Tour hosted by Sewing by Ti. This month we are all looking at the Pantone Spring 2017 Colour Chart.

If you’re not familiar with Pantone, Pantone is THE authority on colors. They have color charts to help designers ensure that their ideas are brought to fruition in the exact tones they intended. They also release a color inspiration chart for what they feel should shape the colors for the coming year. The newest one looks like this:

I really like these colours – there is a great balance between bright and dark, and although I would find some of them difficult to wear on their own, I would easily wear them when combined with each other. Take for example, the print on this dress:

The Fabric

This fabric is a printed rayon from Spotlight. Its called “Oriental Garden”. It features Kale, Niagara and Pale Dogwood, among its main colours, alongside a navy blue, and an off-white background. I spent way too much time in Spotlight looking for colours from the Pantone chart to inspire me, when I saw this, I knew that it would work for me.

Initially I had some trouble deciding which way up the pattern should go – there are blooms facing in both directions. I actually posed the question to the Curvaceous Community Sew Along Facebook group to get some help with it. Fortunately the brains trust came through and it was a popular opinion that the largest yellow blooms should be facing up.

I was very careful with this pattern to make sure that I matched up the lines from the top through to the hem, as this pattern has a vertical break through it – its subtle, but its definitely there. I was quite successful at that – the printed pattern flows through evenly.

The fabric itself is quite easy to work with, its light-weight, but not too slippery. It holds its shape well and takes to iron-on interfacing easily. It does tend to fray a bit though, so I was sure to finish all my raw edges properly.

The Pattern

Designer Stitch was the February sponsor for the Curvaceous Community Sew Along Facebook group. I chose the Gypsy Tunic Dress as my pattern to sew for the February sew along.

This pattern comes in a huge range of sizes with two different neckline options and four different skirt options! All options feature kimono sleeves and an elastic waist.

I chose the cross-over neckline. The neckline has a facing to finish it, so there is a lovely smooth edge, and the shaping around the back of the neck is just stunning – I don’t think I captured a clear picture of it, but its a very flattering line.

This fabric is quite drapey, so I did need to top-stitch the facing to keep it in place. I would recommend doing this before attaching the bodice to the skirt, as I didn’t, and it was quite tricky to do so after I’d finished everything else. Next time I won’t make that mistake!

This neckline variation is designed to be quite open, there is the option of adding a press-stud to the inside, but instead of this I opted to take the opportunity to use a very special brooch. This gold brooch in the shape of an orchid was my Great-Grandmother’s, it also has a loop for a chain and can be worn as a pendant. I wore it pinned to my wedding dress when I got married! I find that so often I don’t wear these kind of nice things, probably quite simply because they don’t go well with the more casual style of clothing – think tee-shirts and hoodies – that has filled up my maternity and post-maternity wardrobe over the last few years. It is nice to be making myself some clothes that suit the wearing of fine jewellery again.

I made my Gypsy in the tunic length, although it ended up being the perfect summer dress length on me. I plan on wearing this dress over leggings and a long-sleeved tee in winter. It will add some colour to my usual black-on-black-on-black winter wardrobe.

I made a straight size, even though I would normally grade between sizes for the waist and hip, I opted to make the straight size due to the nature of loose fitting design. I cut the elastic to fit my waist perfectly, rather than follow the guide in the pattern.

Overall, I am just so happy with this dress! We are still having lots of hot weather here in Melbourne, Australia, so I’ve had lots of opportunity to wear it. Its an instant favourite – it is so comfortable, practical, and pretty, all at the same time. It makes me want to throw away all the clothes that are currently in my wardrobe and replace them with printed rayon dresses!

This dress also has side pockets! Eeeeek!

I can definitely see myself making more Gypsy Dresses – I think next up would be the round neck option with maxi length, closely followed by the top length – or maybe the other way around, its too hard to decide!

Here are the pattern details again, just in case you missed them:

Pattern: Gypsy Tunic Dress by Designer Stitch
Size range: AU/UK 6-26 / US 2-22 / EU34-54
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Two neckline options: cross-over v-neck, round neck
Four skirt length options: Top, Tunic, High/Low Tulip Style or
full length Maxi with side splits

That’s a lot of variations for a single pattern!

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  1. What a great fabric find. I think sometimes we get too caught up in finding the right colors and miss the gems right in front of us.

    LOVING your pattern choice. Somehow I had missed this one. With the 2 different necklines, it is like buying 2 separate patterns, especially when you add in all the skirt variations.

    Finally, LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes. I had a pair like those in high school that I wore until they fell apart. If they’re in style again, I need to find a pair!

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