Don’t let that innocent face fool you – this girl, Veronica, loves to monkey about, especially in these new shortalls that I made from the Spring 2017 issue of Ottobre Design Magazine.

There’s a funny thing about these shortalls though – they weren’t actually made for Veronica, they were meant to be for her big sister Mathilda!

I knew that I wanted to make these as soon as the preview of the issue went live on the Ottobre Design website, and couldn’t wait for it to arrive in my letterbox – I had even already pre-purchased this star printed denim (a pre-cut available at Spotlight) in anticipation. I was really encouraged to continue to sew denim after making Mathilda some overalls last year for book week, and she has a pair of ready-to-wear shortalls that are similar to these, she loves to wear them but is just about to grow out of them, so I was hoping to replace that item in her wardrobe with something that still ticks all the right boxes for her. I had read a review by another sewist in an Ottobre sewing group on Facebook that the body length was short on these, so I made this pair up in a size 134 – Mathilda is currently in size 122, maybe 128 if she can handle the growing room. But when I’d finished them it was plain to see that they weren’t going to fit.

So Veronica became the lucky recipient of them. As you can see, even though Veronica is still only about 105cm tall, these overalls are definitely not too long for her! They might be just a touch too loose, but that’s part of the charm of this style isn’t it?

The Pattern Details

There are lots of little details in this pattern, mainly buttons, pockets and topstitching.

The front bib features a patch pocket with topstitching. I used a pink coloured topstitching thread for all the topstitching throughout the whole garment, unfortunately, my sewing machine hated it and I had frequent problems of it catching underneath in the bobbin area, which was a pain, but it can’t be seen from the outside, so I persisted with it.

There are slant pockets at the hips, there are also button tabs here to join the front and back – I had terrible trouble with these, I couldn’t understand the instructions properly and the pieces just didn’t seem to match up correctly. In the end I did the best with the mess that I had made for myself, unfortunately they don’t match up quite right, but I was able to make them fit … loosely at least. For the buttons I used some plastic star smiley faces in pink. These are shank buttons, the kids really like them. Actually, the kids really like buttons in general – they get that from me!

The faux fly ended up being one of the neatest I’ve ever done – I didn’t use a twin needle for the topstitching, it was all done (carefully) with double rows of a single needle.

There is more fancy stitching on the back patch pockets. Again, I’m quite pleased with how they turned out.

The lining fabric is Swiss Dots by Riley Blake – I really like the contrast between the blue of the denim and the lolly-pink colour of the cotton. The one alteration I made for this to fit Veronica was to move the buttons on the shoulder straps about 8cm. Although looking at her in the shortalls, I suspect that I will be moving them back down again quite soon.

Monkey Business

Even though they weren’t originally made for her, these shortalls fit this little monkey quite well. Veronica is very independent and she is really enjoying being able to do the buttons all by herself!

They are an instant favourite and will make the perfect kinder outfit for the rest of this year – I expect that she will wear it through all of winter with tights and a long-sleeve tee shirt underneath.

…and I think I’m going to have to make a few more of these. This pattern goes up to size 146, and there is also a dress version that goes all the way up to size 170, so I might have another go at making a pair for Mathilda – although I think I will try and find an easier way to do the side button tabs. Seriously, I can usually find the hardest way possible to do anything (and I’m usually stubborn enough to persist with it too!), but I really struggled with them.

Fortunately this little one doesn’t care at all!

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