New Pattern Release: Women’s Janie Dress by Mouse House Creations. This pattern is the grown-up version of the very popular girl’s Janie Dress. When I first put this on, I instantly felt that I had been waiting my whole life for this dress! I just love everything about it, so I’m quite excited to share it.

When I planned this dress, I was thinking of a winter dress that would suit all occasions – the little black dress. This pattern certainly delivered on that, the pattern is for a fit and flare dress for knit fabrics…and this dress has pockets! And I really love pockets.

In addition to pockets, this dress comes in ladies sizes XXS to 3XL and has so many options:

Skirt: either a standard full circle or more slimline 3/4 circle skirt. Either version can also be cut to peplum length. For my version I went with the regular length, full circle skirt, although I think I will definitely need to make a peplum length version as well.

Sleeves: three different lengths, I made a winter dress so I went for full length sleeves.

Neckline options: basic neckline, a slouchy cowl, peter pan collar, and a ballet scoop back. I made the adorable Peter Pan collar. I was originally going to make it in white – to make it more of a feature, but I thought it might look a little too “Wednesday Addams”, so I ending up making the entire dress out of the same main fabric. The collar can be made with a woven as well as a knit, this is also a look that I would really like to try.

The pattern comes with a regular fit bodice and an FBA bodice – which is just fantastic, it was so easy to get such a perfect fit. This option is included for every size. The patterns are also nested correctly, so if you need to grade between sizes or make any other additional fit alterations, it is quite easy to do.

Of course, the tutorial provided with the pattern is superb, it is clear and easy to follow, with lots of photos to show each step, this is especially important considering all the different options! Even the inside of my pockets ended up looking professional!

The Fabric

This fabric is a ponti de roma from Lincraft, I’m not sure if the colour shows up properly on screen, but the colour is a very dark charcoal with a chocolate pin-stripe. I really like the way that the stripe works with the full circle skirt, it creates a very flattering line as it appears to curve around from the centre towards the sides. The ponti is also very easy to work with – it doesn’t shift around too much and it holds firm enough that the waistline doesn’t sag under the weight of the skirt – because a full circle skirt uses a surprising amount of fabric and can get quite heavy. Because of that I also ended up with near-perfect hems on my skirt.

I used a stretch-straight stitch for almost all of the seams and the hems. This stitch on my machine (a 20-year-old Brother My Star 3) is not a lightning stitch, but more of a vertical zig zag, and it produces a very strong yet very stretchy stitching line, that is also very neat looking. I love this stitch.

Where to Buy?

The Janie Dress and Peplum?affiliates=Tenille is available in the Mouse House Creations pattern shop and includes ladies sizes XXS to 3XL.

It is currently on sale for only $6! This price will only last until Friday!

So twirly!

And, yes, even though I like to pretend to be an adult, I just couldn’t resist having a twirl!

Thanks for reading!

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