Blank Slate Patterns are reviewing some of their patterns and expanding the size range! One of the first is the Oceanside Pants. They now go up to a size 3XL – that’s a 55 inch hip! I recently made a pair and I have to say that I really love them, they fit perfectly and this is absolutely an ideal pattern for everyday pants.

The Pattern

These pants are a straight leg design, they can be worn at any length, the pattern includes a cutting line for shorts with a properly trued hem allowance.

There is a self-fabric drawstring at the waist – with hidden elastic! Who doesn’t love that? The rise sits on the high hip, which is really comfortable for a casual look.

I cut the size according to my hip measurement, and it was spot on, there is the perfect amount of ease, at the waist, hip and leg. I did end up cutting about 4 inches off the hem of these pants though, but note that I am a bit of a shortie at 159cm. Otherwise the proportions were all spot on.

The Pocket

This pattern has a super-cute patch pocket that folds back to be secured with a decorative button. The button is non-functional, but I always love the chance to use buttons. These large red buttons are from my Grandmother’s stash that I inherited last year. I love that I can use them and bring something special into everyday life.

The Fabric

This fabric is a viscose summer-weight suiting. I originally bought it for a different project because I thought (at the time) that it had some stretch to it, but it doesn’t. It’s completely non-stretchy, also the print is definitively on one side – any design where you might see the wrong side of the fabric would not be suitable for this.

It is lovely to wear because its really soft, smooth and drapey. It wasn’t too bad to actually sew, but it was horrific to cut out – its quite wide and heavy, and the weight combined with the slipperiness meant that it was constantly falling off my cutting table and onto the floor (one of my cat’s hiding under the table was also not helping!). This probably wasn’t made any easier by the fact that I cut all the pieces in a single layer. I couldn’t pattern match with this fabric – the pattern repeat was just too large and it was completely one-directional, so I opted instead to deliberately offset the pattern and I feel quite happy with the resulting effect – it doesn’t look unintentionally mismatched.


I was a bit worried that these might look like pyjama pants, hopefully they don’t. However, this pattern is very well suited for pyjama pants (or shorts). The pockets are completely optional, and this pattern is incredibly quick to sew up – there are only 3 pattern pieces for the whole thing!

This was my first ever Blank Slate Pattern! I’ve been admiring their patterns for years, I can’t believe its taken me this long to sew one up. It definitely won’t be my last though, I have quite a few plans lined up….

Thanks for reading.

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