Introducing the latest pattern from Designer Stitch – the Kiera Skirt. This skirt is so versatile – it can be dressed up or dressed down, simple or fancy, but always stylish!

The Fabric

The skirt is designed to be made with light to medium weight woven fabric. I used an organic cotton poplin in a cute print, I wanted an everyday skirt that was easy to wear and easy to care for, a skirt that I could wear just about anywhere that I go during my routine day-to-day activities.

The Clever Design

So, this is a yoked skirt with a side invisible zipper and a panelled skirt. It is very easy to put together.

One of the key features of this design is that the back yoke can be shirred! Shirring means that the fabric can be perfectly fitted – comfortably and easily, and it also gives some great texture to the fabric.

Here is my shirred yoke before I attached it to the skirt panels:

I do a fair bit of shirring on my daughters’ clothes – things like peasant blouses and dresses, but its not all that often that shirring appears in women’s clothing designs, and I really think we should use it more often. I have seen patterns that include shirring before, but often it is only decorative, and not functional, but for this pattern it is both!

Shirring is such a useful sewing skill to have – it saved an entire dress that I made recently when I discovered that part of my design wasn’t going to work the way that I envisioned. Shirring came to the rescue!

As much as I love the shirring, I do need to tell you that the pattern also comes with the option of using a flat, shaped back yoke pattern piece. This might work better depending on the fabric, or the look that you are aiming for – the shirring is quite relaxed, whereas the flat yoke gives more structure, and for some reason, some sewing machines seem to like to jam up and chew fabric whenever shirring elastic is waved anywhere near them!

The Kat Top

I don’t always like to tuck my tops in, it really depends on the shape of the skirt or pants that I’m wearing. For this outfit I didn’t really have a top that worked so well, so I made up the Kat Top, also by Designer Stitch. This top pattern is super-simple and quick to make, but has lovely cutting lines and is always flattering on everyone – its one of those pieces that you probably never notice by itself, but it lends itself so well to showcasing other items. This pattern comes with two different options: set-in sleeves, and kimono-style sleeves, I went with the latter. Both versions also have a nicely shaped curved hem, which looks awesome untucked, but also tucks in quite neatly when you want to show off your waistband – or in this case my shirred back yoke! I used a really drapey rayon crepe for this top, and seriously, it goes with everything!

One More Hidden Surprise

The ruching of the Kiera Skirt can also be undone, leaving the skirt as an elegant maxi!

With this styling option, you still have the shirring, shaped front yoke and invisible side zipper. The best thing about this is that you have two skirts in one! Isn’t that great?

Where to Buy?

The Kiera Skirt is available from Designer Stitch at a special introductory price of US$8. This price is only available until 30 May – so be quick!

Thanks for reading!

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