My kids think that its perfectly normal to go and have their picture taken every time they get new clothes. They dutifully pose front, side, back, side, hand in pocket, hood on, hood off…you get the picture (sorry for the pun – definitely intended). So, when I made a new dress for Veronica, she decided to make herself a little camera so that she could take pictures of me too!

This dress was made for a theme day at Kinder, the theme of the day was the colour ‘orange’. I have a bolt of bright orange poplin that I got as part of a bulk buy that I’ve never known what to do with, its gradually been getting used for various small parts, this is the first time that it has featured in its own right however! That was my starting point, next I looked for what pattern to use, it had to satisfy a few requirements:

1. A dress – it was a party day, so it had to be a party dress.
2. A dress suitable for play – Veronica’s kinder has a huge outdoor area with lots do outside, so the dress needed to allow her to run, jump, climb and all the fun things that little ones do.
3. It had to be in a woven fabric.
4. It had to be suitable for cold weather, either with long sleeves, or able to be layered.
5. It had to be a quick sew, I didn’t get too much notice about the theme day, so it needed to be something I could do in a single afternoon during the weekend, in between all the other end of term events and preparations.

I used the Dulcie Dress by Sewpony – it was perfect.

The Dress – Details

This is the first pattern that I’ve every sewn by Sewpony, I was really impressed with it. I made up this dress in a size 5 to fit Veronica, the size is just right, I couldn’t have wanted a better fit than this. The bodice is not too wide, and the skirt is just the right length.

I used some small offcuts of the “Fine and Dandy” range, by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs. I previously used these fabrics for skirts for Veronica and big sister Mathilda. There is some orange in these prints, and it blended in perfectly with the orange poplin. I used these small pieces for the bodice, collar and pockets. I used the poplin for the skirt and lining.

The dress has two neckline options, I went with the cute shaped collar.

It is a half collar, so it disappears into the shoulder seam, which makes it really easy to sew, and also makes it sit nicely – straight collars have a tendency to stick out.

The back has an invisible zipper, something that I’m no longer scared of, but am certainly no master at!

I did okay with this one.

I absolutely love that this bodice is lined. The instructions for doing the lining are also really good, especially as this bodice is treated like a sleeveless bodice, because of the kimono sleeves.

So the insides look almost as good as the outside! And those sleeves – they are fully lined, such a neat finish, I am absolutely in love with it.

Little sleeves are so hard to set in and hem, these kimono sleeves are so easy.

And…pockets! Every dress is better with pockets.

And they are good sized pockets too, a good size for stashing lego cameras!

So, I have one very happy little girl, who proudly marched into kinder and declared (whilst twirling) that she had a new dress, and that Mummy made it!

I just love this girl.

Where to Get the Dulcie Dress Pattern?

There are a couple more really awesome things about this pattern. Firstly, the designer is a fellow Victorian!

And secondly, this is a free pattern. That’s right, its free! To get the pattern, you can visit the Sewpony website, or join the Facebook Group.

She is all ready to Dress Up This Town!

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