The August Sew-a-long for Violette Field Threads (VFT) was Pepper. This was a new pattern to me, that I didn’t even own! And it was also my first time to participate in a VFT sew-a-long. I chose to make something for Veronica this time.

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The Pattern

The Pepper is a dress or top with a fully-lined bodice, back button closure, peter pan collar and inseam pockets. I chose to make a top version, in a size 5 for Veronica, and I was really pleased to see that the pocket piece is different for the top – its smaller than the dress pattern piece.

There is no placket extending into the skirt, so this is a nice and easy pattern to make.


Instead of the include sleeve pattern piece, I used the straight cap sleeve from the Sleeve Basics add-on. This is a collection of different sleeves that work with a number of different VFT patterns – it adds a lot of possible variations. In this case, I didn’t want to go sleeveless, but I wanted a top that could be worn through summer, as its unlikely to still fit Veronica next winter.

The Fabric

I found this Paw Patrol fabric in the remnant bin at Spotlight, but they also sell it off the bolt in the quilting section. The length I got as a remnant was just enough to make the bodice and sleeves for this top.

For the skirt, collar and bodice lining I used an old cot sheet. The fabric is a pale pink gingham, its really soft, and again, there was the perfect amount to finish up what I needed for this top. VFT skirts tend to use quite a lot of fabric, full skirts are very popular with this pattern designer. I like them too, and so does Veronica.

The Sew-a-long

As expected, the sew-a-long took us through step-by-step over a few days. This made it a really fun task to sew, as it was only a little bit each day. I took pictures of my progress each day:

Day One: Print the pattern and gather all materials. I gathered my two coordinating fabrics, as mentioned above, along with some matching thread, and some buttons for the back.

Day Two: Cut out all the pieces from fabric. I just love those tiny pockets!

Please excuse the crumpled look of the fabric – it used to be a cot sheet and has been stored in a drawer for years! It was washed and ironed, but the creases took a bit more work to get out, they did eventually tidy up as they were ironed a few more times during the construction of the top.

Day Three: Sewing the bodice together at the shoulders, making the collar, and finishing the neckline. I was excited to finally start the sewing. The shape of the collar on this pattern is just adorable.

Day Four: Finishing the bodice. Because I used the cap sleeve, I finished the bodice as I would for a sleeveless dress. This resulted in a perfectly neat finish inside.

I spent the time to fussy-cut the front bodice to make sure that the pattern was centred. I should have paid a bit more attention to cutting the back as well – this off-kilter not-quite-matching does irk me a bit.

The sleeve opening is nice.

And I was really happy with the neat little button holes.

Day Five: Finishing and attaching the skirt.

I chose to finish the waist seam with the overlocker, I could have handstitched the lining in place, but this was quick, and its still really neat. It also gave the back opening a nice straight line.

Modelled shots

Veronica is having a bit of a pink “thing” at the moment. She used to want to wear a lot of yellow, but now its just pink, pink, pink!

This top fits her really well, the length is spot on.

She loves Paw Patrol, and of course, Skye is her favourite character – because she wears pink!

Such a delicate little flower:

She is, of course, quite used to posing for me in her new mumma-made clothes, hence the side, back, other side etc shots.

I think that I especially like the neckline on this top. It suits her very well.

And she quite likes it too!

Thanks for reading!

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