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Today’s post is all about Christmas outfits. Every year I seem to be doing a last minute scramble to get Christmas themed outfits done for the kids to wear to the various end-of-year functions that they always have. Every year I’m doing it at the last minute, night before, having a highly stressful experience of it! But not this year – this year, I planned ahead and I’m ready early.

This all started about 6 weeks ago, I was in Spotlight for an unrelated matter, and I happened to come across a rack of Christmas novelty fabrics that were reduced down to $1 per metre. Naturally, I grabbed a couple of metres of a selected few with the intent of making some Christmas outfits. Now, they don’t all match each other exactly, but they do coordinate with each other well, giving each garment its own personality, and each child their individuality. Lets face it, sometimes they like to be completely matching, and … sometimes they don’t. This is somewhere in between.

We do have a whole blue thing going on though, not traditionally a Christmas colour, but it seems to be working for us here. We all have a shade of blue as the main colour for our outfit.


For Mathilda’s outfit I wanted something that was casual, and a little bit more grown-up (she’s 8, so she already thinks she’s a pre-teen), but still just a little bit girly. I chose to use Violette Field Threads (VFT) patterns. I used Pixie for the tunic top, and Sloan for the jeans.

The Pixie is a dolman sleeved top or dress with a gathered skirt and has no buttons, zips or other fastenings. I cut out the top length, this is actually the tween size 10. There is a little bit of growing room in this, although I think that Mathilda likes that it is a little bit loose. This fabric features nativity scenes, and they are reasonably large, so I fussy-cut the front and back bodice panels to have a central scene.

The back neck has a v-shaped cut-out with a self-fabric tie. I trimmed the seams along the front and back with some vintage cotton lace, the colour matches the print really well.

I love the self-cuffs on these sleeves, they are quite easy to do. VFT patterns always have very thorough instructions, and I think that this is a really nice feature on this top.

I used the same lace to trim the hems of the Sloan jeans, I cut these at 3/4 length, although they are full-length on Mathilda, again, its just a little bit of growing room right?

This fabric is a stretch denim from Lincraft, it has a dark, nearly dirty-denim colour. I did do the front hip pockets, but I omitted the back patch pockets.

I love that this pattern, like so many VFT patterns, features a flat front waistband with elastic casing for the back. I think that I just need to work out the best way to convert that to adjustable elastic …


This little man was somewhat reluctant to join in the group photos, but he was quite cooperative to do some solo ones. So here is Jonathan.

This pattern is the Old Type Baseball Shirt by Dandelions n’ Dungarees. I came across this pattern company during sales a little while ago, and this pattern caught my eye. It is a button front shirt, with an exposed facing trimmed with piping.

The hemline is gently curved, and this is an all-around very wearable shirt. I think I’ll be using this pattern quite a lot, the facing took a little extra time, but it was still very easy and quite quick to sew up.

The neckline has a gently curved v shape, and works well for layering too.

I used my invisible zipper foot to stitch the self-fabric piping. I hadn’t even thought of doing that until now – and it worked a treat! It made it so much easier.

The sleeves are finished with a facing and piping too. I love this, it adds that little bit extra polish to make this shirt something that is really special.


For Veronica’s dress I used another VFT pattern. This one is called Ginger. And it has quite a few nice little features. In these photos it is layered over a long-sleeved t-shirt, because although we expect that Christmas will be quite warm here in Melbourne, sometimes it is not. So all the outfits have the ability to have a warmer under-layer, or to be worn on their own.

So this dress has a ‘collar’ which I used a contest fabric for. The contrast is a plain cotton poplin. The bodice is also lined in the same fabric.

The back of the dress has elastic casings so that it is fitted. The straps can be tied at the neck, or, as I have done they can also be attached with buttons and cross-over. Veronica didn’t like the straps tied behind her neck, so this is a good option.

The sides of the bodice also feature cute button tabs – I just love any opportunity to use buttons! Especially pretty painted wooden buttons like these ones.

And finally … Me!

My dress is made from a printed cotton poplin from Spotlight, the print looks like roses on chambray. Although not strictly Christmas fabric, it does work well together with the colours of the kids’ outfits, and I really like the red flower sprays anyway. I used the basic v-neck bodice from Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book. I’ve made a few versions of that bodice now (my Floral Rockabilly Dress and Lemon Dress are just two).

I self-drafted a collar for this dress. I’ve seen similar on some vintage patterns recently and I really liked the look so I decided to emulate it. I used the facings as a starting point, and just sort of free-handed it. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Although I think I would have liked the collar to finish closer together at the back. The gap is just a little bit too wide for my liking – I must have miscalculated somewhere.

I used the all-around pleated skirt, which I’m not convinced is the most flattering on me, but I don’t hate it. It does have pockets – and any dress is better with pockets.

The sleeves are a little bit too tight, but that is a common complaint about the patterns from this book, so next time I make the sleeves I will adjust them.


Just to tie all the outfits together, we all now have matching shoes. I regularly wear one of my many pairs of chinese embroidered shoes, and I’m always asked about them. I love them because they are made from fabric, so they breathe, they are comfortable, they come in many different colours, they are relatively cheap, and they are just plain pretty! The only downside is that they are not very good for wet weather.

I would also just like to point out that Jonathan isn’t missing out on anything, he also has new shoes – he just did not want to join in for this photo on the day.

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    How precious are your children! I really like the Christmas fabrics you turned into clothing. It’s a fun change from the usual red/green/white theme!

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