New Sews for the New Year – Charm Patterns Rita Blouse

Hi! I’ve been having a short break from blogging over the holidays. I have quite a bit of new stuff coming up, the first is today, a new pattern by a new pattern company…

Charm Patterns

Launched last year, Charm Patterns is the newest venture by Gretchen “Gertie” Hirsch. My regular readers will be well aware that I am a huge fan of Gertie’s, I have read her blog for many years, have all her books and most of her Butterick Patterns, I attended one of her workshops here in Melbourne, Australia last year…so it was only a matter of time before I got around to trying out one the patterns from her new pdf pattern line.

The pattern file itself is really well done, the instructions are thorough with easy to understand line drawings. There are also a series of You Tube videos to guide you through each step of making the blouse. I’m really looking forward to more Charm Patterns!

The Rita Blouse

The Rita Blouse is a fitted peasant-style blouse designed for woven fabrics. I used a fancy white voile for this version, which, unfortunately is just a little bit too sheer for my comfort, so this particular blouse will probably get a lot of wear during winter, underneath cardigans and jackets – which I am totally fine with, because it is such a lovely neckline.

This is actually the third version that I have made of this pattern, the first was without modifications. The second, which I shared on Instagram was with some minor modifications:

* raised the back upper bodice by about 2 inches – the pattern was high enough to cover my bra…but it sort of looked like it was being eaten by my armpit – not a good look, so I added the 2 inches to the back bodice piece and the back edge of the sleeve (this is a raglan blouse), tapering the sleeve edge back down to the unchanged front.

* I added 2 inches of additional ease around the lower hem edge, the original fitted me, but I prefer a slightly more loose fitting garment, I am an apple after all! So I just added a small amount to each of the princes seams, evenly distributing the extra width and tapering it up towards where the lower bodice meets the upper bodice.

This fabric is a fairly loose weave cotton, and it is a wearable toile. However, I did think that I needed a small amount of extra length in the upper bodice, at the front only. So its a good thing that this blouse comes with separate pattern pieces for different cup sizes!

To make this white version I used the next cup size and it fits perfectly. I should note that I reduced the width of the sleeve piece – partly because I did feel that the ‘puffiness’ of the sleeve in my blue version above is a little overwhelming on me, but mostly because I was working with limited fabric (the white voile was found it he remnant bin at Spotlight). I had the fabric folded in half lengthwise to cut the pattern, but the sleeve was too wide to cut out 2 layers at once, and there wasn’t enough length to cut it separately, so to reduce the sleeve width I just simply folded the pattern piece in on itself so that it fitted within the folded width of the fabric.

The only additional change that I would make is to add a little more length at the hemline if I intended the blouse to be worn untucked, I think it just doesn’t hit the right spot on me, but when its tucked in, I love it.

Here I am wearing it with one of last year’s Gertie creations, the quilted skirt with flannel lining from the book “Gertie Sews Vintage Casual”.

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