Capes and Cardigans Sew Along – January 2018

I’ve made quite a few dresses using the basic v-neck bodice from “Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book” by Gretchen Hirsch. More recently I’ve been tweaking the pattern to correct a slight high-low thing that was happening … i.e. the waist line was sitting slightly higher at the front, causing the skirt to have a small but definitely noticeable high-low effect. So I added a little length to my bodice pattern, about 3/4 inch, so not a lot really, but I’m really pleased with the result. Here are a couple of my recent makes with this pattern, both of these also use the side-pleated skirt pattern from the same book:

Red Dress

This fabric is cotton, I bought it because to me it is kind of Christmas-sy, but not exclusively so. I was rather pleased with myself for getting the large deer into the centre of the bodice.

Floral Dress

This fabric is a cotton sateen, I found this on the bargain table and thought it would be great for a toile of my bodice modifications, however – this dress has been my absolute favourite ever since I finished it, honestly, I wear it constantly.

Both of the dresses have pockets, of course!

And I used invisible zippers for the back closure, just simply because I have a whole bag of invisible zippers on hand.

So, I’m really pleased with these, and quite a few more (not yet blogged) dresses that I have made, they are all sleeveless, which left me with a small dilemma…while it is perfectly acceptable to wear sleeveless dresses in my workplace, the air conditioning is generally set at a rather cool twenty two degrees, which is a bit too chilly for my shoulders, so I needed something to fix that, and I think I’ve found it!

The Pin-Up Sweater – Cardigan Variation

I used a pattern from the book “Gertie Sews Vintage Casual”, the main pattern is for a short sleeved pin-up sweater, this is one of the variations with instructions provided in the book. Modifying the original pattern following those instructions was mighty easy, and I didn’t even make a toile of this, I just barged right on through with my fashion fabric, which happens to be a very lightweight rayon knit – perfect for a cover-up to protect my cold shoulders and arms from the blasting air conditioner!

The constructions of this cardigan is very simple, however, I made it even simpler by using my Coverstitch machine for the hems.

Cotton tape provides the necessary stability for both the buttons and button holes at the front opening.

I used some painted wooden buttons that just seemed to be perfectly matched for my cardigan.

In fact, it all went rather smoothly, except for the neckline. It just looked kind of, empty / bare / unfinished ? So I added some stretch lace as a sort of collar/trim, and I think that made it just perfect.

So, without further ado, here is the finished cardigan worn in combination with one of my dresses:

I think that next time I make this (and I will definitely make this pattern again), I will finish the neckline with a binding, other than that, I would make no further changes.

Thanks for reading.

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