My oldest child, Mathilda, is at that age where a lot of the children’s patterns are now getting to be too small for her. This also means that she now fits into the smallest size of some women’s sized patterns – which means that I can now make a lot more matching looks for us!

The Pattern

I chose the “Be Greater” by Ellie and Mac because it is a top that both of us will like to wear. This pattern is for a top, tunic or dress with a dramatic hi-low hemline. I picked up this pattern at a recent Wacky Wednesday sale, Ellie and Mac have these every week – I recommend checking it out, different patterns are offered every week and they are reduced to just US$1!

The Be Greater can be cut at different lengths, and also has different sleeve lengths. I chose the tunic length and long sleeves for both of us, mainly because I wanted it to be able to be worn with leggings, and we are heading towards winter so I wanted something that will take us both through these cooler months.

I did shorten the tunic for Mathilda, because although she fits into the smallest size of this pattern, she is not at the height for which it is drafted. Fortunately this was quite easy to do, as there are good instructions provided in the pattern tutorial, and there is a line on the bodice pattern piece where it can be shortened, or lengthened. I took a total of 5.5 inches off.

This was a really quick sew, there are no tricky surprises with this pattern. The curved hem took a little more time, but was still fairly quick and easy to do with the coverstitch machine.

The Fabric

All the fabric I used is from Knitpop. I actually visited their warehouse to do a local pickup of my fabric order while on holiday! So here is the obligatory picture of me, with my fabric order, my kids, and the beautiful Nancy, in the Knitpop warehouse:

Behind us you can see the shelves with all the pre-cut fabric!

Both tops are made out of double brushed poly (DBP):

Black/Ivory Stars for Mathilda (sadly this one has sold out):

Shawna Floral Black with Mauve Roses for Me:

Solid black for the back (also sadly, not currently available).

Why the Solid Black?

I came upon a bittersweet discovery while making these tops – I can no longer buy just a single yard for Mathilda! The pattern piece was longer than a yard, and I only had a yard of the stars. However, this did spark a bit of creativity which I think resulted in a really good outcome…I used the solid black for the back piece of these tops and this solved the dilemma of the wrong side of the printed fabric being visible because of the hi-low hemline.

Both the floral and the stars are printed on a white base, so the underside looks…white! Which I think might have looked a bit odd, but the solid black worked really well, and it saved a little bit of the printed fabrics for other projects.

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