I have subscribed to Ottobre Design magazine for many years, if you’re not familiar with Ottobre, it is a pattern magazine. Every year there are 4 issues featuring patterns for kids, and 2 issues with patterns for women. They have also recently introduced a family issue which features some designs for men as well! The magazine is from Finland, but in English, and I just love the unique styling.

When I received the most recent issue, Summer 3/2018, about 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t even decide what to make first, I love so many of the patterns in this issue, and even though it is heading into winter here in Melbourne, Australia, I couldn’t resist making up at least one of the designs. I settled on a pair of shorts for Jonathan.

The Pattern

This pattern is number 37 from Ottobre Design for Summer 3/2018. These are bermuda shorts, designed for woven fabrics.

I made these in a size 134, and the fit is absolutely perfect for Jonathan, even though he is not quite that tall yet – there is just the right amount of growing room! The shorts have pocket details, a faux fly, and an encased elastic waistband.

The hip pockets have a nicely shaped edge, which is just a small detail that makes these a little bit different. I really liked this particular detail.

There is a single back patch pocket, and the other pockets on the side of the legs are designed as patch pocket bags with flaps. The basic pocket was quite easy to construct.

However, I’m not sure where I went wrong, but I had terrible trouble trying to fit the side leg pockets. As you can see in the picture below, there is just not enough room for the pocket and the flap to fit between the back patch pocket and the hemline. I’ve included the ruler for size reference, although it is hard to see in amongst the fabric pattern detail. I’m not sure if I traced the wrong placement markings for the back pocket, or if there is some other error that I made, but it sure wasn’t going to fit like it was designed to!

So, as there was no way that was going to fit, I opted to only include one side leg pocket, on the opposite side to the back pocket, and I left off the pocket flap as I felt that would have made the shorts look too lopsided. In the end I think it worked okay.

The Fabric

This camo-star print cotton fabric was found in the remnant bin at Spotlight several years ago, so I can’t tell you anything more about it. I have previously made something from it (although I can’t remember what it was) and I had just enough left to cut out these shorts. I did need to use a different fabric for the pocket facings, I just couldn’t get them out of the main fabric.

A Matching top

Of course, to complete the outfit I needed to make a matching top.

I used another European pattern, this time a German pattern, this is the Tilt top. Not the first German pattern that I’ve made, but the first time I’ve made this one. I bought it recently during a sale, and the main drawcard for me was the extra tutorials provided to do a lot of the little extra details that are seen on so many European patterns – eyelets, piping, different style bands and binding, and different sleeve finishes. The pattern is worth it for those tutorials alone. The pattern is reasonably easy to understand just by the pictures, which are step by step, although there were a few words that I needed to consult Google translate to understand – by the way, Google translate is not always the most helpful, and some of the translations are a bit silly, some are just confusing.

The Pattern

The Tilt top is for a dolman sleeved top with an asymmetrical colour blocking feature. I used the optional sleeves and cross-over cowl. I also made this in a size 134, Jonathan is about 124cm tall at the moment, but he is long through the body, and this size gives him a bit of growing room as well – I like to do that, because it would be a shame if he only fit into things for a short time.

I did make one error with the cowl, and that was with the placement of the eyelets, there are two markings on the pattern piece – I was not sure what was supposed to be what, and in the end I got it wrong, so one of the eyelets is not quite in the right place, however, I don’t think its that noticeable. But…now I know what I did wrong and won’t make that same mistake when I do this again, which I undoubtedly will as this was a really successful make.

I continued the colour-blocking onto the back as well. And I tried out some multi-coloured decorative coverstitching. I’ve been seeing this a lot lately, and thought that I would just join in on the trend, it is done using a variegated thread, in this case, one that matched the different colours in the printed fabric. I am really pleased with the result, and will be shamelessly using this as a design feature for many things in the future.

Fabric Note:

All fabric for the Tilt top is DBP from Knitpop. I used an olive Camo for the main, and coordinating solids in black and olive for the contrast. This fabric is so soft and snuggly, my son just loves wearing this shirt. And…Knitpop is having a big sale at the moment, its definitely worth having a look as there are a lot of bargains there.

Modelled Photos

So, my son doesn’t really have any modelling ambitions, however, he is quite accepting of the fact that in our family it is perfect normal to have a photo shoot when you get new clothes lol! So, we went to a local park and I took some shots of him running around and testing out these new clothes. I think they passed the test!

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  1. These look fantastic! I haven’t touched European patterns yet though I want to. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you, I originally started using European patterns because they seem to have more variety for boys.

  2. I haven’t sewn up an Ottobre pattern in a while, but I have so many of their magazines, I just need to get back into it!! Great work on yours. I love the variety I’m seeing with the Tilt tops!

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