Lolletroll in Mustard

I absolutely love this outfit that I made for Veronica, I think it is possibly the cutest thing that I have every made (apart from Veronica, of course!). Being the youngest, Veronica probably doesn’t get as much made for her as the older two do, so when I do sew for her I try to make it just that little bit extra special. And there are so many little elements that went into making this outfit that it should have ended up being a great big mess, but somehow it all came together just perfect.

The Pattern – Beanie and Hoodie

Okay, so there are three items here: hoodie, shorts, and beanie. These patterns are all by Lolletroll, a German pattern designer, who is sadly closing their shop this month. However, all their patterns are on sale for just a few more days, so if you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend doing so, as they may never be available again.

There are two places to purchase: Dawanda and Makerist. Both of these are German websites, so it can be quite an experience navigating your way around, and all the prices are in Euro Dollars, but I think its worth it, there are some different and unique designs available. Dawanda itself is also closing down, so there are a lot more bargains there at the moment as well.

For this outfit I used two different patterns, the hoodie and beanie both come from the Henry(ette) pattern. I was first inspired to buy this pattern about a year ago because of the cute curved colour-blocking. The instructions that come with the pattern are in German, but there are lots of pictures with the tutorial, in the past I have consulted with Google Translate, although that often results in some funny results (tunnel-train???? – its the casing for the drawstring ha!).

So for this hoodie I used the colour-blocking on the front, back, and sleeves. I used the new hood that was released as an add-on earlier this year. It was after I cut it out that I realised the front is supposed to go on the fold, oops! However I seem to have an obsession with this hood – I just love the way it falls, it keeps my kids all nice and snuggly around the neck. And it is seriously so easy to sew because there is no overlapping of the front hood pieces, and if you do manage to cut it out on the fold, it is even easier.

Henry(ette) comes with a beanie pattern too, its a quick sew featuring the same shaped colour-block, which is great for making use of smaller scraps of fabric. And yes, looking at this photo I have just noticed that the floral pattern is upside-down! Not that it matters too much.

The Fabric

Speaking of fabric…I got this solid mustard FT as part of a mystery box from So Sew English. This was perhaps, the only piece in that box that I did not immediately love, I just didn’t really know what to do with it. It is incredibly soft though, and there was just a bit over a metre.

The floral stripe and the small stripe are both DBP from Knitpop. These are leftover from previous projects (see my earlier posts on my Juniper Top and Jonathan’s striped tee).

Somehow, these three fabrics just came together so perfectly, and then I added this lace, which is just an inexpensive stretch lace from AliExpress, that picks up the pink colours in the floral really well, and just adds an extra dimension. I attached this just by topstitching with my coverstitch machine, its the same for all the pieces in this outfit.

The Pattern – Shorts

Veronica specifically requested shorts. Even though its winter here. So I made shorts – they will still fit her when its summer. This pattern, also Lolletroll, is part of a set called Sporty Dress. The pattern includes these cute shorts, a sleeveless hoodie and a crop top. Its a really cute set and I’m glad I was able to get it before its no longer available, I think I will be making more from this pattern for the coming summer.

These shorts look quite fancy, with the bound edges, side insert, front pockets and the back patch pocket. But they were quite easy to put together, having a coverstitch machine definitely helped, although I think that I may need to invest in a binder attachment for the machine – that would make these shorts come together super fast!

For the drawstring I used a narrow strip of the striped fabric, I cut it out along the selvage edge, and then just pulled it slightly to make it naturally curl around itself. This gives a matching drawstring that is really soft, stretchy and easy. As well as adding a small contrasting patch at the centre front of the waist band, I did also iron on a small piece of interfacing to the back of the fabric for the grommets so give a bit of support to the fabric.

I just love the little details on these shorts.

Modelled Pics

Veronica is just a little bit dramatic…

and loves to pose for pictures.

Sometimes with a bit of sass…

Which is why I love her so much!

Thanks for reading!

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