Last week I shared a Back to School themed outfit for boys, but this week, everything has gone totally girly and twirly and as pink as pink can be! Thank you to Seams Sew Lo for hosting this blog tour, please make sure that you read all the way to the end for the links to the other awesome bloggers who are sharing their Back to School creations using patterns by Ellie & Mac Sewing Patterns. Ellie & Mac are having a huge sale this month with 40% off the entire store!

The Pattern

Ellie & Mac Sewing Patterns are sponsoring this blog tour and I used the Aubrey Twirl Dress Pattern to make this dress for Veronica. This is a really versatile dress pattern with a whole heap of options.

I made this version using short sleeves and a banded neckline. We are heading into summer here, so I did upsize this dress by one size to make sure that it fits Veronica all summer long.

I used the solid fabric for bodice, sleeves and underskirt, and a printed mesh for the overskirt. There are lots of opportunities to use coordinating fabrics with this twirly skirt.

The Aubrey Twirl Dress Pattern was so easy to sew up. The pdf file features layers, so I only needed to print the size that I wanted. It was easy to put together, and the instructions are very thorough. I made only one small deviation and that was to cut out the skirts on the double-fold – so I folded the fabric in half, and then in half again to make a square – by placing the skirt pattern piece so that each edge aligned with the folded edges I was able to cut the circles as a single piece! This means that there are no side seams – which made stitching it together just that little bit quicker. And it gives a great effect to the finished skirt, especially because there is no disruption to the printed pattern of the overskirt. I just wish that I could do this with skirts for myself, but the fabric is usually not wide enough – unless I use a sheet lol!

I didn’t hem the skirts. I left the edges raw, I like the effect, and its pretty hard to hem slippery rayon or mesh when its on a curve!

The back of the dress is plain. I almost wish that I had added a hood, but it is definitely more practical for summer like this.

The pattern also comes with a regular round-shaped hood, and it also comes with a super-cute twisted Euro (or pixie) hood – I will definitely be making that next! The real reason that I didn’t make it this time, is because I didn’t have that much of this fabric!

A Quick Note on the Fabric

The pink rayon is from Sincerely Rylee. It is really, really, really pink. Veronica claimed it as soon as she saw it, she just loves pink, the brighter and pinker the better. This rayon is great for summer, its light weight and it drapes really well.

The printed mesh that is the overskirt is a piece leftover from a skirt that I made for Mathilda a couple of years ago. I like the way that the colours contrasted with the pink rayon underneath. I also liked the way that I could use a part of the print for the embroidery design.


Did you know that Ellie & Mac also do embroidery designs? If you have a machine that does embroidery, I definitely recommend checking them out, especially if you are a beginner with the embroidery, because this design stitched out so well, so easily. It was a dream to do.

I used a part of the printed mesh for the apple. For the white note paper I used a piece of white rayon, also from Sincerely Rylee. I used colours that matched the print for all those details. This design is called School Note Paper Apple, I think it is so cute.

The Verdict

Veronica just loves this dress. I think she’ll be wearing it a lot. She is definitely channelling her inner JoJo Siwa here:

And maybe channelling her inner diva here:

She can be super-girly in this dress, but at the same time she can also deliver a defiant karate kick if she needs to (she has a green belt!).

I just love that she’s happy.

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