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We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia, but we do like to have a bit of fun with it, and my kids love any excuse for a dressing up in costumes. However, my son didn’t want a new costume this year – he still likes the one he wore last year (which I didn’t make btw – sigh!), but I did recently make this Hi-Vis Vest for a school concert, and this is a great but simple costume for boys, or girls, that is quick and easy to make, so I have a super-quick tutorial to share with you as part of the Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents.

The Basic Pattern

I used the Pathfinder Vest Pattern by Twig & Tale. This pattern comes with a whole lot of add-ons that you can use to create animal costumes, and it is a truly amazing pattern. I used it to make Veronica a Princess Unikitty costume last year for book week. However, the underlying vest pattern is also amazing on its own. For this version I used the v-neck line, longer length (but no back curve) and I did add the extension so that the vest overlaps for the buttons.

I made the vest in a larger size, this way it will also fit my older daughter (because girls can be construction workers too, right?), and from what I see, these vests are usually oversized anyway, not neatly tailored!

The Fabric and Supplies

I originally bought this neon yellow fleece for Jonathan’s birthday outfit, but because I had found it on the bargain table I bought extra, so I had some left over, enough to make this vest. I used this fabric for the outer.

For the inner, I used some plain black poly-lycra.

For the Hi-Vis stripes I used this iron-on trim:

This trim was in a few different colours (like orange for example), this colour is the green, I wasn’t sure if it would look strange if the yellow of the vest was slightly different to the yellow of the tape, so I went with the green instead. It works just fine.

Making the Outer Vest

First, I assembled the outer vest at the shoulders and side seams. This was actually not the best way to do it, I should not have stitched the shoulder seams, it would have made attaching the tape so much easier. I ironed the seams flat.

Then I arranged the tapes until I was happy with how they looked. This tape was not quite long enough to reach all the way around, which was my original plan, so I had to work out a solution to that.

I ironed the tape onto the fabric – and I was impressed with how well it stuck. I recently used a bought iron-on transfer for a t-shirt, and I now have to iron it back on the t-shirt every time it gets washed because it hasn’t stuck very well, but this trim is definitely there for good, I even made an error putting it on, so it has a permanent crease on the back – but even though I noticed it straight away, there was nothing I could do to change it. Its permanent, which is good.

While I was at the ironing board I added some strips of interfacing to the front edges, to support the snaps.

Next I added pockets to vest, this covers he ends of the tape, and adds a useful feature, all kids love pockets.

And that’s it! From this point, the vest lining can now be assembled, and the outer and lining joined together as per the pattern instructions. Easy peasy.

One Last Step

Snaps! I love these things, they are so quick and easy.

The Verdict

One happy boy.

Love those pockets!

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