Twig & Tale Pathfinder Vest with Animal add-on

This year for book week the theme was superheroes – our school went a step to the side and made it into a “create your own superhero” theme. This was such a great idea – it challenged the kids to come up with their own ideas of what costume they might wear and what superpowers they might have.

My two youngest kids went with store-bought costumes:

  • Veronica was a unicorn and her superpower was that she could shoot laser beams from her eyes (I’m going to have to keep a watch on this kid!)
  • Jonathan was a soldier – because Daddy was a soldier and he is Jonathan’s hero, my heart flutters, such a sweet boy he is.
Book Week costumes - create your own superhero

However, Mathilda has been creating her own characters for a while now, she likes to draw them, both with pencil & paper and on the iPad as well. This is her favourite character to draw:

Anime Fox Girl

This character is an anime fox girl. Mathilda loves foxes and the colour blue, so this character combines both of those loves. So naturally she asked me to create her an outfit to represent this character for her book week costume.

Twig & Tale Pathfinder Vest with Fox Ears add-on

I didn’t want to make a “costume”, I really wanted to make something that she could continue to wear, so I went with a hooded vest that not he day she wore with a t-shirt and pants that were already in her wardrobe.

The Pattern

This pattern is by Twig & Tale and is the Pathfinder Vest with the Animal add-on.

I have made this pattern a few times before:

The Pathfinder Vest is gender neutral and has a heap of options included, I used:

  • flutter sleeves
  • overlapping button band
  • curved dropped back
  • extended length (because my girl is growing and I want her to be able to wear it for a long time)

The Animal add-on includes a new hood, pockets and a variety of animal ears and tails, obviously I used the fox ears and tail, as well as the claw trims around the pockets.

Twig and Tale Pathfinder Vest with Fox Tail add-on
Twig & Tale Pathfinder Vest with Animal add-on

Fabric Choices

For the main outer I used a fleece fabric from a local fabric shop called Eliza’s Fabrics (if you’re a Melbourne local they are located in Sunshine). I used two different shades of blue and a smidgeon of black for the little details.

Twig & Tale Pathfinder Vest with Fox Animal add-on

The lining is a cotton poplin from Spotlight, chosen because of the seriously cute print featuring woodland with bears and foxes – one of whom is even wearing glasses!

Spotlight fabric with foxes wearing glasses!

Note: on a subsequent trip to Spotlight Mathilda has also noticed that this fabric comes in cotton drill, so there will probably be some shorts coming up soon to match for the warmer weather.


I used plastic snaps to fasten the vest, this was the simplest, quickest, easiest method.

Twig & Tale Pathfinder Vest with Fox Animal add-on

Mathilda was really happy with the vest, she enjoyed wearing it for the Book Week dress-up day at school and she continues to wear the vest whenever its not actually in the wash!

Inside Out

At the end of the day, my husband pointed out to me that the vest can be worn inside-out – the insides look just as good, there are no exposed seams, everything is fully enclosed. I hadn’t even noticed that myself! And I actually think I like it even better inside out.

Twig & Tale Pathfinder Vest - you can even wear this inside out!

This is really a great pattern. It has so many options and it really is so easy to get a beautiful finish. I think I’ll be making more of these for the kids, and I might have to look at making them for my husband and I for winter next year! Maybe I could make us all into everyday superheroes! I think I would like to have some kind of cleaning superpower. What super powers would you imagine for yourself?

Twig & Tale Pathfinder Vest with Animal add-on

Thanks for reading!

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