1. Your dress is quite lovely. I liked the watercolour effect of the pleated fabric too. If Veronica doesn’t wear it enough because it is not a ballerina dress… then pack it up for her daughter someday. At that point, she will appreciate the effort that you did to make her this lovely dress.

    • Tenille

      Thank you Deborah. I will definitely keep this dress if it doesn’t get worn, although little girls can be fickle, who knows, next week it may be that ballerinas are out and princesses are back in. I live in hope.

  2. What a beautiful dress! It is fit for a princess. The smocking is so pretty with the added beads, and I love the extra sparkle it gives the top.
    -Bridget 🙂

  3. Wow! Your smocking looks gorgeous! I have tried it a couple of times, but something very simple compared to this. I would love to learn more though :). This is a very pretty dress!

    • Tenille

      Thank you Krista. This is one of the more challenging smocked items I’ve done, but I was very pleased with it, and it was well worth trying something a little different.

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